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Sonja and Michael Schieder – sincere expertise for your well-being

Michael und Sonja Schieder- Ihre Gastgeber

Whether you want to spend a weekend in the Upper Palatine Forest (Oberpfälzer Wald) or the Bavarian Forest (Bayerischer Wald) to go hiking, or cycling or to visit friends and family or if you only take a short stop on a business trip - your hosts Sonja and Michael Schieder want you to carry the most pleasant memories from your stay and of course they would be pleased to welcome you again.

According to the guiding principle

"I don't see it as my duty to give the absolute best, but rather the very essence of myself,
as frank and genuine as possible."
(loose translation according to Hermann Hesse)

hospitality is lived out genuinely, sincerely and personally in the “Landhotel Goldenes Kreuz“ in Moosbach/Saubersrieth.

Sonja and Michael Schieder acquired the relevant skills in high-quality and star-rated restaurants – but the passion and joy, with which they do now host their guests in their own country hotel is individual and noticeabel at all times.

We are always pleased to introduce ourselves to you:

Michael Schider               Sonja Schieder